Gifts To Celebrate And Congratulate A New Arrival

Having a baby is an amazing experience whether you’re a new parent or not. The moment is best shared with close relatives and friends. However, it’s not kind to visit the new arrival empty-handed. Common tradition dictates that you carry gifts for the new baby as well as the mother of the baby. There is a wide range of gifts you can buy to welcome the new arrival and congratulate the mother. It is recommended you spend some time thinking about the most suitable gift to purchase. The value matters, but it’s the thought that counts the most. At Express4Fruits, you’ll find a variety of amazing gifts you can order to congratulate a friend or relative who has had a new baby. Below are the top gifts you can consider ordering:

1. Family Portrait

Parents are usually overwhelmed with joy when they welcome a new baby. That is why most parents usually take plenty of pictures with the baby. Since most people will buy baby clothes and baby supplies and offer them as gifts to the baby’s parents, you should think outside the box. Consider taking one of the pictures posted by the parents on social media, have it edited professional and enlarged to make a family portrait. The parents will be left speechless when they see a professionally made portrait of their family. There are many firms that can make and print family portraits online, so you should not have difficulty finding a competent online service provider.

2. Personalized Blanket

Babies should always be kept warm. Consider ordering a comfortable blanket online and have it personalized for the baby. While printing is a great way to personalize fabrics, embroidery is the best option. The baby’s name should be embroidered onto the blanket to personalize it. The parents will be thrilled to receive this wonderful, personalized gift.

3. Electric Nail Trimmer

Baby nails usually grow fast. They are also thin and can get pretty sharp. The sharp nails can injure the mother during breastfeeding. Since it can be difficult to cut the nail to size without injuring the baby, having an electric nail trimmer can be helpful. Consider buying an electric nail trimmer for babies, which comes with an electric file that can round off the edges of nails. There is a wide range of electric nail trimmers on the market, and some of them are contained in baby grooming kits. Be sure to shop around to find the perfect nail trimmer to gift the new arrival.

4. Fruit Basket

Giving birth to a baby is a painful and exhausting experience that every mother takes pride in. When a loved one or friend gives birth, consider buying fruit juices, dried fruits and fresh fruits for them. For instance, you can purchase a fruit basket containing an assortment of fruits, fruit juices and even dried fruits. The gift basket will be appreciated by the new parents and may be consumed almost immediately. You can even have the supplier send one gift basket per week for a given period, such as one month or three months. Whatever the case, fruit baskets are affordable and are always appreciated. When ordering a gift basket, be sure to consider the following:

i) Types of Fruits

You want to send the widest range of the freshest fruits, so be sure to pay attention to the number and types of fruits contained in the fruit basket. Be sure to also add fruit juices to the basket.

ii) Type of Basket

Fruit baskets come in a variety of sizes and designs. Be sure to choose baskets that are large enough to hold all the fruits you want to buy and are stylish. You will need to shop around to identify the most amazing baskets that are offered by the vendor.

iii) Price

Obviously, you want to order a fruit basket that will give you value for money. Therefore, you have to compare the prices quoted for the different types of baskets hand in hand with the prices of fruits and fruit juices in that basket. The ideal fruit basket should be competitively priced to ensure you are able to get value for money. As far as delivery of the gift is concerned, you can decide to have the basket delivered to your home so that you can deliver it in person.

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