Hamilton Island Holiday Packages

Introducing You to Hamilton Island

hamilton islandFor those hoping to get to grips with the relaxing lifestyle and stunning sights only found in Australia, you won’t go wrong by visiting Hamilton Island. With a population of roughly 1200 people, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the region is one of the smallest of the Whitsunday Islands; as in reality it is actually the largest, with an area of almost 900 kilometres squared!

Ideally situated for holiday makers (and featuring its own airport), the island plays host to some of the most stunning scenery on the planet – not to mention a variety of modern facilities and amenities to enjoy. With iconic landmarks like the Great Barrier Reef just a short journey away, not to mention the close proximity to Brisbane, Cairns, Melbourne and Sydney – it’s a fantastic destination for backpackers and families alike.

A little more about the Island

Originally bought by renowned property moguls Bryan Bryt and Keith Williams in the mid-1970s, the island was soon to experience a complete overhaul with the intention of it becoming one of the only tourist-focused locations in Queensland. This ambition led to the construction of the Whitsunday Holiday Apartments, a holiday resort famed for its world-class features, stylish setting and unparalleled location.

Over the past few decades, residents of Australia and New Zealand have started to emigrate toward the region, but even this number is fairly minimal. In fact, Hamilton Island is considered one of the more remote of the Whitsunday Isles; considering its expansive size, it’s one of the most sparsely populated regions throughout the continent.

Attractions and Amenities

Although the island boasts a low population, it’s by no-means ill-equipped to deal with holiday makers. From the stunning golf club on the neighbouring Dent Island (which has been in operation since late 2009) to the yacht club neatly situated near the local harbour, tourists will be spoilt for choice. There is also an assortment of restaurants and eateries dotted along the coast and throughout the island to enjoy as well.

Different regions on the island offer varying activities and whether you’re keen to explore the wildlife and natural surroundings on foot, or if you’d prefer to take the waves and get to witness the native sea species up close – there’s plenty for everyone to do. But what is it that makes the location such a popular destination for holiday makers?

Well, it could be the fact that the island boasts some of the most stunning natural scenery around – which is maintained and preserved by local authorities. Perhaps it’s the laid back atmosphere that is emanated by the locals, store and hotel owners. Or maybe it has more to do with the diversity of features – from the golden-sanded beaches, to the elegant forestry that is considered home by a variety of indigenous species.

Whatever the reason, there’s no greater way to explore all that the community has to offer than by visiting it and experiencing its unique features first hand.