Houseboats Echuca

Things to Consider When Hiring a Houseboat

Booking a little time away from work, picking a destination and then enjoying a holiday is something that most people will aspire to do at least once a year. Accommodation is often one of the first considerations that a tourist will have to think about and although hotels and villas offer their own unique advantages; there’s no denying that the idea of a stay on the waves can be even more appealing.

From smaller vessels that can cater to couples, all the way to huge boat houses that offer the most common commodities found within homes; your options are endless. Hiring a houseboat can be very simple, especially in Echuca – where rentals are readily available for anywhere between a couple of days and several months!

Making sure that your holiday is plain sailing should be a top priority and here are a few important factors to consider before setting out on your next adventure.

The aspect of motion

Even the most experienced of sailors can be prone to suffering from motion sickness from time to time – especially if the waves are choppy. Although there’s no guarantee that a boat will remain balanced and level at all times, it can definitely help to opt for one that takes these events into account. Fortunately, most modern boat houses are equipped with state of the art stabilisers and these components are responsible for keeping the vessel as level as possible. Before booking a potential boat, get in touch with the agency to learn more about the vessel’s buoyancy.

Size and space

If you’re travelling alone, or with another person then you might find a smaller houseboat better suited to your requirements; whilst extending the option for a cheaper trip. For groups however, things can soon get a little cramped – especially if there isn’t much room to walk around without bumping into someone. For longer trips it’s a good idea to go for a moderate to large size boat house, but they can be just as suitable for shorter journeys too; it’s all about your preference.


Many people enjoy nothing more than taking their boat houses out to a particularly appealing spot (perhaps around the Great Barrier Reef), dropping anchor and then enjoying the sights. Depending on your needs, you might be better off picking a boat that offers a specific set of functions. From additional buoyancy features that cater to waves and built-in satellite navigation systems for finding your way around – all the way to extra storage space for diving gear. The functionality of your boat is very important and you could find yourself saving hundreds of dollars by opting for a more relevant model, without having to pay for functions that you might never use.

These are just a few things that are worth thinking about when booking a houseboat. This unique take on holiday accommodation can suit groups of all sizes and with the option to travel around coastal areas and hot spots freely, it’s easy to sit back and enjoy all that Echuca has to offer!